Kloteh date

Kliteh date or Kloteh date is
one of the most common and common dates in Iran. Koliteh date is cultivated in many date-growing regions of Iran, but mainly this date is known as Jiroft region of Kerman province. In principle, it should be said that Kelite Jiroft dates in Kerman is the best example of Kelite dates in Iran. This date is seen as red in Khark stage and turns burnt or very dark brown when ripe.
Dates have a whole appearance similar to Mazafati dates, except that they have a slightly firmer texture.

This date is rich in a variety of vitamins including E-C-B-A and also contains minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and magnesium.

Nutritional value of Klote dates:

Vitamin E 0.05 mg (0.)
Vitamin K 2.7 micrograms (3%)
Calcium 39 mg (4%)
Iron 1.02 mg (8%)
Magnesium 43 mg (12%)
Manganese 0.262 mg (13%)
Phosphorus 62 mg (9%)
Potassium 656 mg (14%)
Sodium 2 mg (0%)